‘Westworld’ Star James Marsden Urges Fans to Let Season 2 ‘Unfold in Its Own Time’ Album

Spoilers are always out there, but James Marsden hopes “Westworld” fans won’t go looking for them.

The actor, who plays host Teddy Flood, recently opened up to EW about the acclaimed HBO sci-fi western thriller’s upcoming second season, teasing what’s to come only vaguely. Although he offered general information, Marsden encouraged fans to “let it unfold in its own time.”

“The more that’s kept a secret, the more reward the audience is going to have when they watch it,” he said. “The best way to watch this show is to let it come to you.”

Marsden did, however, promise that fans “will not be disappointed” by Season 2 and explained that it “feels so much bigger.” It has an expanded scope, more filming units, and even a larger cast.

“The world that we created will be completely expanded upon, and the themes and the philosophies will all be taken to the next degree,” Marsden said.

That information is in line with what the show’s co-creator Jonathan Nolan told THR in December 2016 about how they were following up their successful first season.

“We wanted each season to increase in that ambition and in the scope of the show,” he said. “It also follows the story of our hosts. Their lives begin in loops, and then expand and change and grow. It’s an origin of a new species. We want to follow that story all the way to the bitter end.”

Season 2 will definitely be an interesting continuation — it’ll just be up to you whether you want to take Marsden’s advice or not.

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