‘Welcome to Marwen’ Trailer: Steve Carell Uses Art to Heal From Nazi PTSD Album

Even after horrific traumas, art has the power to heal and unite as the trailer for “Welcome to Marwen” shows.

Steve Carell stars as Mark Hogancamp, a man who loses much of his memory after being nearly beaten to death by Nazis. He copes with the physical, mental, and emotional trauma by building a 1/6-scale World War II-era Belgian town in his yard, populated by dolls representing himself, his friends, and even his attackers.

He meticulously creates a wondrous town populated by powerful women where he can heal and be heroic. And through this fantasy world, Mark draws strength to triumph in the real one.

Not gonna lie, this trailer is a tear-jerker; the full movie will probably make us sob in our seats.

The movie is based on the real-life story of Hogancamp, who was attacked in 2000 outside a bar near his home for being a cross-dresser. He really did create the fictitious town of Marwencol, Belgium in his backyard.

Director Robert Zemeckis uses a mix of live action and motion capture footage to bring the little town to life. There’s definitely a bit of Uncanny Valley going on but it still looks incredible. Janelle Monae, Leslie Mann, Diane Kruger and Eiza Gonzalez also star.

“Welcome to Marwen” opens in theaters November 21.

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