This Is Why Blake Lively Deleted Her Instagram Photos and Unfollowed Ryan Reynolds Album

Blake Lively’s Instagram has been a wonderful way of watching her and husband Ryan Reynolds troll the hell out of each other. But now, it’s all gone! The actress has deleted all of her images and unfollowed her husband.

Of course, fans were worried:

If Blake lively and Ryan Reynolds are separated then I am blocking every single guy in my phone and social media bc I will lose faith in “love”

— Erika (@perezerk) May 1, 2018

But don’t worry, love is not dead in the Lively/Reynolds household. The reason why the actress pulled the move appears to be as a publicity stunt for her upcoming film, “A Simple Favor.”

Lively posted this cryptic image on Twitter:

— Blake Lively (@blakelively) May 1, 2018

That same message — “What happened to Emily?” — also became Lively’s new bio on Instagram. Then, fans noticed the actress is following only women named Emily Nelson.

I’m so confused why is Blake Lively’s entire Instagram deleted and now she only follows girls named Emily Nelson

— Jordyn (@jordynpettit) April 30, 2018

So this is what seems to be happening: The movie “A Simple Favor” is based on a novel of the same title by Darcey Bell. Lively plays Emily, a woman who mysteriously disappears one day. Her friend, Stephanie (Anna Kendrick), starts digging into what happened and uncovers some shocking secrets.

As a publicity stunt, this is a pretty good one, since Lively’s Instagram is well-followed and well-loved. Well-played, madam.

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