‘This Is Us’ Star Susan Kelechi Watson Says Beth Doesn’t Die Album

With all of the drama that unfolded throughout the season two finale of NBC tearjerker “This Is Us,” it might have slipped your mind that a key flash-forward scene seemingly foretold the doom of one cast member. But now, said actress is clearing the air about her character’s fate.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Susan Kelechi Watson — who plays Beth Pearson, Randall’s (Sterling K. Brown) wife — chatted about the moment in question, which occurred when an older Randall and his now-grown daughter, Tess (Iantha Richardson), are talking about visiting an unknown woman.

“It’s time to go see her,” Randall says.

“I’m not ready,” Tess replies.

“I’m not either,” Randall responds.

Many fans assumed they must have been talking about Beth, and perhaps visiting the grave of the deceased matriarch. But is that really what goes down?

Not according to Watson.

“I didn’t know that I was going to die,” the actress joked to EW, adding that the possibility “didn’t even cross my mind.” Watson was surprised, then, when fans ran with that theory, and even had to convince her own mother that her onscreen alter ego wasn’t going to kick the bucket.

“Dan [Fogelman, the show’s creator] and I spoke about it — they’re not going to kill Beth,” the actress assured EW. “She’s going to survive. It feels good to know.”

Of course, Watson also told EW that “there’s mystery there,” when it comes to whatever is happening between Randall and Tess in the future. Could they perhaps be visiting a Beth who is very sick in the hospital, or maybe a Beth that is estranged from the family after she and Randall divorce (a scenario that we adamantly implore the “This Is Us” team to immediately strike from their idea list)? Or maybe it’s a grown-up Deja, or Annie?

“Dan would like us to keep it [mysterious], so I’m going to stay away from it!” the actress told EW. “That’s as much as I can say.”

We can’t wait to find out, whenever the show deems it time for viewers to learn more. Season three of “This Is Us” returns to NBC this fall.

[via: Entertainment Weekly]

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