The Milwaukee Brewers Reenacted a ‘Sandlot’ Scene in Honor of its 25th Anniversary, and it’s Perfect Album

Classic kids sports flick “The Sandlot” is turning 25 this year, and to celebrate, a group of real-life MLB players recreated one of the movie’s most memorable scenes.

Nine players from the Milwaukee Brewers stood in for the kid cast of the flick, and reenacted the moment where Hamilton “Ham” Porter points his finger and hits a home run out of the titular ballpark. Unfortunately, the ball sails right into the yard of The Beast, the mythical, terrifying dog that lives behind the field and allegedly eats kids for fun. That sets up the moment where the rest of the sandlot kids have to explain to Scotty Smalls why he can’t simply hop the fence to retrieve the lost ball.

ICYMI: You’re (still) killing me, Smalls.

— Milwaukee Brewers (@Brewers) March 20, 2018

The Brewers’ version of events is an impressively detailed and faithful recreation of the scene, down to the music cues and camera angles. Even the players chosen to represent the kid characters are pitch perfect, especially those playing Ham (Brewers catcher Stephen Vogt), Scotty (outfielder Brett Phillips — they even got the right position!) and Squints (second baseman Eric Sogard, who also wears distinctive black-framed glasses in real life). And their stand-in for The Beast is pretty hilarious, too.

The clip is a fun, cool homage to the beloved film, and was apparently made with plenty of love: the team’s director of new media, Caitlin Moyer, told that many of the players grew up watching the movie and were eager to participate. Several Brewers even spontaneously broke out into a few bars of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight,” the song that plays directly after this scene in the movie, when they wrapped. (Rights issues apparently forced a soundtrack swap-out, though, after the original video was taken down and re-posted without that musical moment.)

Fans of “The Sandlot” will understand that joyful feeling while watching this loving tribute — and will probably want to play it on repeat for-eh-ver (or at least until the end of the day).

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