The ‘Jumanji’ Sequel’s Release Date Has Been Revealed Album

The “Jumanji” sequel is on its way, and it now has a release date.

Star Dwayne Johnson made the big “Jumanji 2” announcement Wednesday, saying in an Instagram post that they are “officially planting [the] … flag.” He specified the date, too, letting fans know that “the game is not over” and will continue Dec. 13, 2019. The actor didn’t forget to mention how well the last movie did at the box office, either, with its billion-plus performance.

Officially planting our JUMANJI flag. On DECEMBER 13th, 2019 – the game is not over. I hold JUMANJI very close to my heart and I’m beyond grateful you made our movie into the global juggernaut ($1BILLION+) it became. Can’t wait for you to see what our new adventure & new characters have in store as Christmas comes early. And once again, I get to slap @kevinhart4real’s lip’s into next week. The world is happy. #FearTheDrums #TheGameIsNotOver #JUMANJI DECEMBER 13th, 2019

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And, of course, it looks like we’ll get more funny moments between Johnson and his co-star Kevin Hart, as Johnson noted. The two are returning, and they’re not the only ones; Jack Black, Karen Gillan, and Nick Jonas are all on board for the sequel.

A week before announcing the “Jumanji 2” release date, Johnson had another announcement about the sequel. He revealed that the project was “officially underway” and that writer-director Jake Kasdan had put together a “dynamite pitch.” That’s a lot of great “Jumanji” news in a short period of time.

Prepare yourself now for “Jumanji 2” to hit theaters on Dec. 13, 2019.

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