‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Premiere Now Delayed Till Summer or Fall Album

The launch of “Star Trek: Discovery” hasn’t been without a few bumps.

CBS has revealed that the premiere of the new series — once set for January 2017 — has been pushed yet again. “Discovery” is now expected to arrive in late summer or early fall, Variety reports. The update came Monday during an investor conference where CBS Corporation CEO Leslie Moonves spoke.

The exec opened up about the delays and the scale of the project. He shared that making “Discovery” has involved “a lot of post-production,” which isn’t a surprise considering that those starships aren’t going to fly themselves. However, that part of the process has apparently taken longer than they expected.

Fortunately, Moonves’s take was reassuring. As he explained it, CBS is determined to do the show and the iconic franchise justice.

“It’s important to get it right, and ‘Star Trek’ is the family jewels,” Moonves said.

The delays will hopefully all pay off in the end. Wait long and prosper, Trekkies.

[via: Variety]

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