Sorry, Those ‘Avengers 4’ Plot Leaks Were ‘Made Up and Fake’ Album

Breaking news, guys: The Internet is filled with wicked, tricksy, false Hobbitses you can’t trust. I know! Try not to stagger back from shock.

Avengers 4” comes out next May, and Marvel fans have been speculating about what’s to come after “Avengers: Infinity War.” Some of the speculation is sourced to the comics, with other ideas coming from leaked A4 set photos and concept art, and guesswork based on upcoming Marvel sequels and cast departures.

And some of the “rumors” are just fans messing with you.

The other day, one such fan posted a lengthy tread on Reddit. It was definitely questioned … but also taken just seriously enough for outlets like ScreenRant to post about.

The truth was quickly revealed by the source itself, Redditor abigfriend:

Avengers 4 Plot leaks……Avengers 4 Leaks


I want to clear this up as enough is enough. Everything I wrote in my post was made up and fake.

I was sick for the past 2 days so I decided to kill some time by writing a theory. About a month ago I saw u/20wordleaks do the same thing by posting fake spoilers and saw how everyone believed him. I decided to try this but with more fake details to make it look even more legit.

Alot of you smart ones noticed that I copied alot of my “leaks” from 20wordleaks such as Hawkeye family being dusted in the post credits and plot points that incorporated the photos of the Avengers 1 era. I mixed in my own theories to make my post seem even more legit.

Again, everything I wrote was fan fiction and is not real whatsoever.**

Peace out

How adorable.

Here’s the full “made up” post that got fans talking for at least a couple of days:

Avengers 4 Plot leaks……Avengers 4 Leaks

Hi everyone,

First and foremost I would like to say that if you are hesitant to accept whatever I have to say, or you flat out don’t believe what I’m saying, that is OK. I know that we are far from the release of A4 and that everything is being kept extremely lowkey, but I have connections to those who still work there and that is how I get my fix of spoilers. I cannot explain any names or departments because I don’t want any of my connections to get into severe trouble. I am a huge MCU fan and have been a lurker of these subreddits for a long time coming, and because A4 is the last time we will see our OG Avengers on the silver screen, I want to share whatever I have with you guys. So if you trust me (which if you don’t, that’s perfectly OK and I understand), I encourage you to read on.


• Avengers 4 title will be revealed at the end of Ant-Man and the Wasp. (The Wasp and The Ant-Man will return in ________)
• Post credits scene for Ant Man is Hawkeye family being dusted. This is following the previous precedence of the first Ant-Man film where another Avenger shows up as a cameo in an Ant-Man movie.
• IW focused on the relationship between Gamora and Thanos, however A4 will focus on the relationship between Thanos and Nebula.
• A4 is about traveling through time using the Quantulm Realm to collect the stones
• Each stone collected in the past will erase the stone Thanos currently has
OG Avengers only
• Nebula brings Stark back to earth
• 3 months will have passed since the Snap in IW. The beginning of A4 will be showing the catastrophe caused by the Snap and how everything has turned to chaos.
• The Avengers plan to go back in time with the help of Pym Tech to recollect the stones and make their own gauntlet to reverse the snap.
• Thanos learns of the Avengers’ plan and uses his gauntlet to follow them through time
• Thanos learns to use multiple stones at the same time (for example he uses the space stone and time stone at the same time, creating a green cloud instead of blue, to travel through large periods of time)
• Those who were dusted at the end of IW are not dead – they were transferred to an alternate reality within the stone
• The final battle for A4 will also take place in Wakanda. This is because the final battle will be a revisit to the third act of IW. IW was the “bad ending” where Thanos won whereas A4 will be the “good ending” where the Avengers win.
• The time jump back to the IW Wakanda battle will be before Thanos does his original snap, therefore everyone who was there before the snap will also be there.
• Therefore, those who were originally dusted will not remember that they died nor will the rest of the world remember what happened, only the OG Avengers will remember.
• This alternate timeline Wakanda scene is where every superhero will fight together for the “money shot” (including Iron Man, Nebula, and Hulk)
• At this point in the Wakandan battle, Thanos no longer has the infinity stones yet still manages to put up a fight against the avengers using brute strength
• In A4, Thanos realizes that he regrets losing Gamora even though his goal was achieved (this scene is used to humanize Thanos). (HOWEVER IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT HE STILL DOES NOT CARE ABOUT NEBULA AND STILL TRIES TO MANIPULATE HER)
• When Thanos meets Nebula in Wakanda, he pretends to apologize to her and asks her to forgive him because he realizes how lonely he was and how he misses Gamora (Thanos is lying and only saying this to convince Nebula to give up the Infinity stones to him)
• Nebula initially falls for his tricks, and is about to hand over the gauntlet and forgiving Thanos when the mind stone warns her that he is not sincere (in Age of Ultron, the MIND STONE is said to be sentient and this is how the stone can warn Nebula)
• Nebula realizes Thanos’s tricks and goes one on one with Thanos. Nebula succeeds in hurting Thanos however does not kill him yet.
• A new property of the Soul Stone is revealed. Previously, it was believed that the only way to unlock the power of the soul stone was to sacrifice something you loved, however the opposite is also true: a sacrifice of something you infinitely hate can also unlock the powers of the Soul Stone. Guess who hates Thanos more than anyone in the entire universe? Yup, Nebula.
• Nebula traps Thanos into the soul stone.
• After Thanos is trapped into the soul stone, the Avengers basically win. 3 of the 6 stones are purposely destroyed by the help of Wanda and Captain Marvel. This is to ensure that all 6 stones can never be reassembled by anyone for the rest of eternity. (Among the stones destroyed is the soul stone, which effectively permanently kills off Thanos)
• Iron Man wields the infinity gauntlet
• Iron Man and Cap are a big focus of this movie, they will meet and it will be emotional however the stakes are high in this movie and they proceed to further the mission of stopping Thanos together
• There are many callbacks to the original IRON MAN 1. For example, there is a scene where Tony and Cap are off stealing the tesseract from Avengers 1 era and Thanos is about to catch Tony and kill him. However, Cap says he will fight Thanos 1v1 to buy Tony more time to escape. Tony says that he will die fighting Thanos and that they should stick to their plan of escaping, Cap responds saying “This was always the plan” THIS SCENE IS A CALLBACK TO THE SCENE IN IRON MAN 1 WHERE YINSEN SACRIFICES HIMSELF TO ALLOW TONY TO ESCAPE.
• Cap’s sacrifice solidifies Tony and Steve’s relationship with each other and how they always helped each other despite their differences.
• Because the timeline of IW was altered in A4, this is how Marvel plans on introducing the Skulls and secret invasion by already having the Skulls exist on Earth secretly in this alternate timeline. (If you guys watch the CW Flash TV show, remember how after Barry changed the timeline to undo the effects of Flashpoint in Season 3, although most of the timeline was restored, there were a few key events that were never fully restored and were permanently altered. This will be similar in A4 and will be used to explain how the Skrulls are already on Earth. Those who were previously not skrulls could potentially now be Skrulls)

So much work to put into something fake. It’s possible some of that stuff will happen anyway, but not because this person wrote it. Just another reminder that we’ll probably see plenty of “leaks” like that in the coming year.

The real “Avengers 4” plot will be revealed when it opens in theaters May 3, 2019.

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