See the ‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2 Episode Titles Reimagined as Retro Comic Covers Album

Ahead of its season two debut later this week, Netflix has announced the titles for the next batch of episodes of Marvel series “Jessica Jones.” And the show took a very cool approach with the reveal, highlighting both the series’s comic roots and some awesome female artists in the process.

In a video shared on its official Twitter page, the show compiled a collection of comic book covers, each drawn by a different international woman artist, that were inspired by each episode in the new season. The images are direct homages to retro comics and detective novels, and showcase an eclectic array of artistic styles.

Are you ready? Here are the 13 comic covers drawn by 13 international women that are inspired by the 13 female-led episodes of Season 2. #JessicaJonesReturns March 8.

— Jessica Jones (@JessicaJones) March 5, 2018

Of course, our titular heroine (played by Krysten Ritter) looks fantastic — and fantastically badass — in all of the artwork. We’re especially partial to the “Pray for My Patsy” cover, which is giving us some serious old school “Nancy Drew” vibes.

gotta catch ’em all! (and by ’em, i mean all 13 — the right number this time! — of the amazing pulp-novel-style covers. That means one for each #JessicaJones episode, designed by female illustrators around the world)

— Netflix US (@netflix) March 5, 2018

As the show’s tweet directly acknowledges, “Jessica Jones” is a female-centric show both in front of and behind the camera, and it doesn’t seem to be a coincidence that its sophomore season is premiering on March 8 — which is also International Women’s Day. If these awesome covers are any indication of the quality ahead, fans are in for a big treat when they tune in.

[via: Jessica Jones/Twitter]

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