Nick Offerman Wants to Play a Curler from USA’s Olympic Gold Medal-Winning Team Album

While the sport of curling may not seem like the most obvious inspiration for a big screen biopic on the surface, the story behind the members of the United States’ underdog-turned-Olympic gold medal-winning team from last month’s PyeongChang games is certainly an exception. And a beloved former sitcom star is throwing his hat in the ring to play one of the team’s most recognizable faces should they someday get the Hollywood treatment.

None other than “Parks and Recreation” star Nick Offerman has offered himself up to step into the curling shoes of Team USA’s Matt Hamilton, after a fan tweeted about the star’s resemblance to the athlete (pictured above). In a hilarious bit of Twitter banter, said fan, Mitchell Garrett, actually suggested himself to play Hamilton first, noting that he has similar facial hair to the athlete.

Yo @MattJamilton when Hollywood inevitably decides to make a film about the meteoric rise of @usacurl to a frickin Gold Medal I’m offering my humble services to play your part on screen, assuming @Nick_Offerman passes. It would be my honor #HamFam

— Mitchell Garrett (@IndyMitchG) February 28, 2018

Naturally, though, no one can beat an Offerman ‘stache (hello, Ron Swanson), something Garrett acknowledged. He said he would take the role of Hamilton, “assuming @Nick_Offerman passes.” But Offerman wasn’t about to turn down the opportunity to play the Olympic hero.

Get in line, son. 🇺🇸

— Nick Offerman (@Nick_Offerman) February 28, 2018

Hamilton himself then finally chimed in, giving the edge to whoever could handle the ice best. While Garrett revealed that he was already shopping for curling gear, Offerman’s dedication seems to have won out.

@IndyMitchG has a great stache, but @Nick_Offerman has the experience. The real test is how well you both do on ice.

— Matt Hamilton (@MattJamilton) February 28, 2018

It’s on. Your move @Nick_Offerman

— Mitchell Garrett (@IndyMitchG) February 28, 2018

Sir I was #BornToBroom

— Nick Offerman (@Nick_Offerman) February 28, 2018

Well I think you may just have the job then #youshouldmakeawoodenbroom

— Matt Hamilton (@MattJamilton) February 28, 2018

Did @Nick_Offerman just agree to play @MattJamilton in a movie about the U.S. men’s curling team?! 😮

— Yahoo Sports (@YahooSports) February 28, 2018

We think so!

— USA Curling (@usacurl) March 1, 2018

Dreams really do come true!

— Matt Hamilton (@MattJamilton) February 28, 2018

Whether a movie about the American curlers will ever actually get made remains to be seen, but if it does, producers already know who they should cast first. We’ll keep our brooms crossed.

[via: Twitter Moments]

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