Netflix’s ‘Lost in Space’ Trailer Poses a Lot of Danger, Will Robinson Album

When you get “Lost in Space,” you end up finding both dangers and wonders.

Netflix released the first full-length trailer for its remake of the classic ’60s sci-fi series. As in the original, the Robinsons are a family of space explorers and colonists who get thrown very far off course on their journey. Along with two outsiders, they wind up stranded on a planet with some treacherous terrain and harsh conditions.

Young Will Robinson (Maxwell Jenkins) befriends a creature, Robot, whose origins and agenda are a mystery.

The cast includes Tobey Stephens as mission commander John Robinson; Molly Parker as his wife, Maureen Robinson, an aerospace engineer; Taylor Russell and Mina Sundwall as Will’s sisters, Judy and Penny; Parker Posey as the manipulative, enigmatic Dr. Smith; and Ignacio Serricchio as smuggler Don West.

“Lost in Space” will consist of 10 episodes, which will begin streaming April 13 on Netflix.

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