Migos Heats Up the Summer With New ‘Too Hotty’ Music Video Album

The hip-hop trio is messing around with welding torch and circular saw in the clip, which also features bursts of fire and stunning women.

Back in May, Migos released a song “Too Hotty” to pay tribute to WWE star and actual fireman Scotty 2 Hotty. And now, the Atlanta trio has unleashed a scorching hot music video for the trap-infused track. Directed by DAPS and Migos, the striking visuals features bursts of fire, beautiful women and lavish cars.

The clip, which is captured in vivid, cinematic red and blue lighting, begins with Offset rocking a black cloak while being surrounded by candles as if he’s performing a kind of supernatural ritual. Quavo later appears onscreen, playing a mechanic in a dark room. The two then join Takeoff while messing around with welding torch and literally causing sparks to fly with a circular saw.

Initially released as “To Hotty”, the high-energy song was renamed and re-released. It has also been repackaged as a Quality Control track and featured on the label’s forthcoming complication “Control the Streets, Vol. 1”, which is expected to arrive this fall.

Migos previously teased fans about the upcoming compilation, claiming that their labelmate Lil Yachty would have a big role on it. “Compilation is on the way,” said Offset. “Us and the Boat, sir, you know what I’m sayin’. The QC way.”

Migos kicked off their career into high gear earlier this year after they released their platinum-selling album “Culture“. Despite the massive success, the group was not slacking off. They have been hitting the studio to work on a new album that is allegedly titled “Culture II”.

As the most popular hip-hop group today, Migos has been assisting other A-list artists on a number of chart-topping songs. Some of their successful collaborative tracks include Steve Aoki‘s “Night Call”, Katy Perry‘s “Bon Appetit”, Teyana Taylor‘s “Drippin” and Calvin Harris‘ “Slide”.


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