‘Lucifer’ Finale Tweets Show the Episode Left Fans Desperate for More Album

Forget saying goodbye — after the “Lucifer” finale, fans are ready to raise hell.

Following Fox’s surprise cancellation on May 11, the show’s loyal viewers immediately started a push to save “Lucifer.” Now, after the May 14 finale, it looks like they’re only more motivated. They’ve been tweeting up a storm trying to get Fox to change its mind, another network or streaming service to step in, or even to inspire people to crowdfund for a movie.

Showrunner Joe Henderson had warned fans via Twitter on May 11 that the episode wasn’t meant to be a conclusion. Apparently, they’d hoped setting up for another season would ensure the show’s future.

“We created a season finale with a huge cliffhanger so that there was no way Fox could cancel us,” he wrote. “Instead, we’re going to frustrate the hell out of you fans. I’m so sorry for that.”

Now that the finale has aired, though, Henderson has expressed a bit more hope that the show could have a future — perhaps after seeing NBC save “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” which Fox also recently canceled. Following the finale, he tweeted, “Well, there you go. Our season finale, and the best case we can make for another season. Lots of story we’d love to tell, if we get the chance.”

And fans are clamoring for “Lucifer” to get that chance. They’ve been busy making the case for another season on Twitter.

HOW CAN LUCIFER NOT BE SAVED AFTER THAT EPISODE?!! #savelucifer #LuciferOnFox #LuciferFinale #lucifer

— karissahoag (@karissa3729) May 15, 2018

Just watched the last episode of Lucifer season 3 and I swear to god If I don’t get season 4 there’s ganna be hell to pay. Can’t leave us hanging like that man!😈😈😈😈 #LuciferFinale #SaveLucifer #PickUpLucifer

— Charlotte (@Charlot52221880) May 15, 2018

@tomellis17 the finale was amazing I can’t believe it ended like that. We need to save lucifer!!!! I need to know what happens next! #LuciferFinale #PickupLucifer

— Aaliyah-jade (@Aaliyahjade16) May 14, 2018

After watching #LuciferFinale I want more!!! Please ohhh please #PickUpLucifer #LuciferOnFox #Lucifer #lucifans #luciferseason4 #LuciferCW

— Show Me This (@ShowMeDis) May 14, 2018

THIS EPISODE!!! #Lucifer #LuciferFinale

— Naomi (@NayWrites) May 15, 2018

After #LuciferFinale it’s the right time to #SaveLucifer #PickupLucifer #Lucifer
We all know we can do that.
Raise hell!

— Lake (@fromalllsides) May 15, 2018

Holy crap, just watched the #LuciferFinale – someone has to pick this series up!! #SaveLucifer #PickUpLucifer 😈😈

— Sarah Lewin-Rose (@rainbowsrosesbl) May 15, 2018

Mate @FOXTV are a bunch of knobheads for canceling #Lucifer that #LuciferFinale was incredible and what we’ve all been waiting for, for three seasons now… #SaveLucifer

— BLV (@DaanBelieve) May 15, 2018

Just watched the #Awesome #LuciferFinale #ThankYou @tomellis17 @LaurenGerman @LesleyAnnBrandt @LUCIFERwriters @LuciferonFOX and absolutely EVERYONE involved. What is it I truly Desire: #SaveLucifer #PickUpLucifer

— Steve (@LibertyDemonika) May 15, 2018

#LuciferFinale #SaveLucifier #PickUpLucifer That was one of the best episodes! It can´t stop now, we want #LuciferS4 !!!

— HeartBreakKid96 (@HardRock1896) May 15, 2018

Just watched the #LuciferFinale omg the best episode yet!!! @tomellis17 @LaurenGerman @kevinmalejandro absolutely outstanding performance it can’t be left like this we need season 4 … ok while I’m wishing 5 6 7 8 ….. #savelucifer #pickuplucifer

— kylie (@lizbethjeen) May 15, 2018

Just watched the final episode of season 3, and really don’t wanna stop watching this!!! #SaveLucifer #luciferseason4 #PickUpLucifer #savelucifer #LuciferFinale

— Mark Hinds (@Drdark86) May 15, 2018

Omg what just happened? This can’t be the end! #nonono #SaveLucifer #PickUpLucifer @LuciferonFOX What are you doing @FOXTV to your fans? What a disgrace to end such a great show! #LuciferOnFox #LuciferFinale

— Marly Bubbly Latina (@bubblymarly) May 15, 2018

Saw season ender to #LuciferFinale, so many questions like #WhereWasAmenadiel? Need to crowd fund a feature #LuciferMovie like #VeronicaMars to pickup amazing cliffhangercause the #LuciFANS will go nuts/

— Bobbie L. Washington (@ScreamingBear) May 14, 2018

May the hell-raising pay off.

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