Listen to Lonely Island’s Scrapped Oscar Song About Movies That Didn’t Get Nominated Album

Why not Wonder Woman or Thor or Pennywise for the Oscar?

There are certain kinds of movies that rarely get nominated for Academy Awards (except in some of the technical categories). It doesn’t matter how well reviewed they are or how much money they rake in at the box office; they’re just never gonna get that Best Picture love.

The Lonely Island made a song about those movies called “Why Not Me?” for the Oscars ceremony. Unfortunately, it ended up getting scrapped because, as they noted, it was “financially and logistically impossible.” Instead, “For fun, we thought we’d share the rough storyboards of what would have been a fully shot, star-studded music video of exorbitant cost.”

Thor and Wonder Woman kick off the song, mournfully griping about how all their super heroics don’t mean squat when you’ve got Daniel Day-Lewis sewing.

Pennywise has a verse, as does “Girls Trip” star Tiffany Haddish. There’s even a chorus with the four Chrises (Pine, Hemsworth, Pratt, and Evans) suggesting the Oscars add a category for them: Best Chris.

It’s a cute and funny song. Maybe next year’s Oscars budget can expand to make it into an actual video.

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