Lee Joon Gi and Jeon Hye Bin Split After One Year of Dating. Are Fans’ Nasty Comments to Blame? Album

The ‘Arang and the Magistrate’ actor and the ‘Falsify’ actress recently announced they broke up due to their busy schedules, but fans can’t stop speculating about the reason behind their split.

Lee Joon Gi and Jeon Hye Bin have called it quits after one and a half years of dating. On Friday, August 25, their agency Namoo Actors confirmed reports that the stars had broken up, saying in a statement, “After speaking with the two, they confirmed they recently broke up. They separated because they naturally grew apart due to their busy schedules.”

Joon Gi and Hye Bin, who are under the same agency, starred together on 2014’s KBS drama “Gunman in Joseon”. In March this year after pictures of them together were released by Dispatch, it was confirmed that they had been dating since early 2016.

Hye Bin opened up about their relationship in April. She said on “Happy Together”, “(We) had been a hyung and a dongsaeng for a long time because I’m a tomboy. And we thought we weren’t compatible at all. We didn’t see this coming because we were friends for a long time.”

But the more Hye Bin got to know Joon Gi, the more she fell for him. “He’s courteous to his sunbaes. He bows to them out of respect. As I observed him approach people with sincerity, I thought, ‘that’s why he’s successful,’ ” she continued. “Oddly enough, he made chances to meet me and commented on my (Instagram) posts. As time went by, (dating) naturally happened.”

While their agency said “busy schedules” drifted the couple apart, fans don’t seem to believe it. Some people think that nasty comments from Joon Gi’s fans and directed at Hye Bin caused their split.

“Of course they would [break up]. His fans is all over her Instagram account cursing ,bullying her calling her names and abusing her verbally. She became under so much pressure so breaking up is the best decision for her,” one commenter said.

Another agreed, writing, “Exactly, i think she was the one who ended it, she was suffering too much so i cant blame her. She even unfollowed him.”

Some others, however, were not sad at all to hear the news and started shipping Joon Gi and IU, his co-star on 2016’s SBS drama “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo”. “I hope for Joon Ki with IU.. they look well together..,” one wrote. Another commented, “now he can be with iu. why is everyone breaking up tho.”

Joon Gi currently headlines Korean “Criminal Minds” on tVN, and Hye Bin stars on SBS’ “Falsify”.

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