Lea Michele’s New Song Will Make You Believe ‘Anything’s Possible’ Album

Lea Michele treats fans to her new song ‘Anything’s Possible’, announcing the release of her sophomore album ‘Places’.

Lea Michele has just revealed her “personal anthem.” The 30-year-old singer and actress claims that her new song, “Anything’s Possible”, is her fight song. “Anything’s Possible” is the second single of the “Glee” alum’s upcoming album “Places“. The first one, “Love Is Alive”, had been released last week.

On the chorus of the new song, Michele sings, “I push through the limits, I climb every wall/ I keep on believing anything’s possible/ I run ’til I’m breathless, I stand ten feet tall/ I keep on believing anything’s possible.”

“This is a song about having faith through whatever life brings your way,” she told USA Today. “To always believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that anything is truly possible. It’s about leaving the negativity and the past behind and moving forward with confidence and strength.”

The new single is basically Michele’s version of Rachel Platten‘s “Fight Song”, which explains much about the inspirational and empowering lyrics. The “Cannonball” singer also took to her social media account to announce the new album’s release date. Michele’s album “Places” will arrive on April 28.

Pre-order for PLACES kicks off at midnight ET / 9pm PT!!!! Coming 4/28/17

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