Kendall Jenner Runs on Beach Naked in Leaked Images for Russell James’ Book Album

Kendall Jenner just caused social media frenzy when her photoshoots for Russell James’ upcoming pictorial book “Angels 2018 Collector’s Edition” started making their way out on the internet. In the photos, the 22-year-old model completely stripped to her birthday suit while having fun on a beach.

Some pictures featured sprinting on the beach. Her breasts were fully exposed in the pics and she definitely didn’t mind it as she continued running. She kept her makeup to minimum to let her natural beauty shine through. Her raven hair was let down in the pictures. Another picture showed her facing away from the camera as she ran towards the sea, flaunting her bare butts.

Kendall Jenner runs on a beach naked.

Kendall Jenner strips to birthday suit while running.

Kendall Jenner flaunts bare butts.

Other pictures featured her leaning to a tree, lounging in a pool and riding on a horse. Although there were already a lot of leaked photos circulating online, it was said that the upcoming pictorial book would feature more photos of the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star baring all.

Kendall Jenner rides on a horseback.

Kendall Jenner plays in water.

Kendall Jenner leans to a tree.

Many people have taken to their social media accounts to share their reactions to the images. There were people who said that she was the next Kardashian member to break the internet after Kim Kardashian, while some others weren’t too thrilled about the pictures.

Kendall Jenner explores the beach while riding a horse.

Kendall Jenner fully displays her nipples.

Kendall Jenner looks away from the camera while riding the horse.

“Why did I just see Kendall Jenner running naked on a beach and who convinced her to do this,” one person said, while another planned to pretend s/he “didn’t see Kendall Jenner butt a** naked on a horse.”

Kendall Jenner hides her assets thanks to the tree.

Kendall Jenner seductively gazes at the camera.

Kendall Jenner happily covers her body.

“Angels 2018 Collector’s Edition” will feature other models going nude, including Cindy Crawford and Candice Swanepoel. “It’s a beautiful subject,” Russell previously discussed the book. “How do we treat it with appropriate respect, so that the women in these images are champions and not exploited? That is a really hard thing to do. I don’t know if I get it right all the time, but I try my damnedest to do it.”

Kendall Jenner still runs around the beach naked.

Kendall Jenner plays with her hair.

Kendall Jenner looks straight to the camera.

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