Kanye West to Battle Taylor Swift If She Slams Kim Kardashian in Her New Album Album

The ‘Famous’ hitmaker will do anything to protect his wife who is freaking out that Taylor is readying a diss track against them.

Kanye West is ready to battle Taylor Swift if she slams him and his wife Kim Kardashian in her new music “Reputation”. A local Calabasas insider reveals that Kanye is raring and ready to go with a vicious diss track if she dares come for him.

“Kanye is ready to battle with Taylor if she takes shots at Kim in her new album,” a source tells Hollywood Life, “Kanye is locked and loaded if Taylor dares come after his wife Kim in her new song. Kanye feels that he is a creative genius and can drop a rebuttal track in hours of Taylor releasing anything.”

The source reveals that he has been busy in the studio for the last several months. “Kanye is extremely protective of his wife, especially after the rocky year they both had,” the source explains, “It’s understandable, between Yeezy’s breakdown and Kim’s robbery. But right now they’re all good, and he doesn’t want that to change.”

“They are in a good, happy, healthy place and he will be pissed if Taylor does anything to interrupt or bother his family. Kanye was kind, nice and professional when he asked permission to rap about Taylor, but if he is provoked, he will not be so respectful next time,” adds the source.

Previous report said Kim Kardashian was freaking out that Taylor was readying a diss track. She said, “One of the few people out there that is not very excited for Taylor Swift’s upcoming music is Kim Kardashian. She feels that she will be attacked along with Kanye in a future song over their past differences and she doesn’t want to deal with the fallout of a Taylor Swift song and what that does to people.”

The insider continued, “She doesn’t want to be the focus of anything Taylor related, she hopes that her and Kanye dodge a bullet and Taylor ends up talking about others instead.”


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