He’s Such a Jokester! Ryan Reynolds Crops Wife Blake Lively Out of His Birthday Post Album

The ‘Deadpool’ star has just taken to Instagram to wish his wife a happy 30th birthday along with a photo of them together, with more than half of her face being cropped out.

Ryan Reynolds is known for having an amazing sense of humor, and he has just wished his wife Blake Lively a happy 30th birthday in the most hilarious way possible. The Canadian actor took to his Instagram account to share a sweet message to his wife along with a photo of them “together.”

Reynolds shared the picture of himself and Lively seemingly from a red-carpet event, with more than half of his wife’s face being cropped out. “Happy Birthday to my amazing wife,” the “Deadpool” star wrote in the Friday, August 25 post.

Happy Birthday to my amazing wife.

A post shared by Ryan Reynolds (@vancityreynolds) on Aug 25, 2017 at 8:20pm PDT

All jokes aside, the couple, who will celebrate their 5-year wedding anniversary on September 9, is very supportive of each other, with Reynolds once gushing about his lovely lady, “she doesn’t need me to kick ass.”

Lively also recently revealed why she loves his 40-year-old hubby “most of the time.” In an interview with Glamour magazine for its September issue, “The Shallows” actress said she’s “so in love with him” when he writes funny stuff.

“I’m in love with him most of the time, but especially with that,” she shared. “I said, ‘Most of the time,’ because if I say, ‘I’m so in love with him all the time,’ then you get that eye-rolling, ‘Oh, her life is so great, she’s so perfect.’ So it’s, like, my defense mechanism.”

On people thinking her life is perfect, Lively said that “it’s nonsense. It simplifies people. Not all men, but a subsection of men have a desire to understand and control women. To do that, you have to paint them into this thing you can wrap your head around.”

“But women are complex. It also is [a reminder] that what you see in the media is not real life,” she continued. “The night before an interview, I have complete anxiety: How is this person going to spin me? So when you read, ‘Oh, she’s got a perfect life,’ or ‘Her life is crumbling’–they pick narratives for everyone. And the narratives stick.”

In addition to being busy as a mom to her two daughters, Ines and James Reynolds, Lively is currently filming “A Simple Favor“, a crime thriller directed by Paul Feig. Her husband Reynolds, meanwhile, is reprising his role as the Merc with a Mouth in “Deadpool 2“. He stars alongside Samuel L. Jackson in “The Hitman’s Bodyguard“, which is currently playing in cinemas.

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