Frank Ocean Debuts New Single ‘Chanel’ and Its Remix Feat. A$AP Rocky Album

The ‘Blonde’ singer plays his brand new song and its remix version during an episode of his Beat 1 radio show.

Frank Ocean has a new song called “Chanel”. He released it during an episode of his Beats 1 show, “blonded RADIO”. He played it multiple times during the show and, at one point, sneaked in a surprise remix of the song that features A$AP Rocky.

“My guy pretty like a girl/ And he got fight stories to tell/ I see both sides like Chanel/ See on both sides like Chanel,” the elusive artist sings on the hook. “2016 burnt like some discs/ 2017 playing off a Walkman/ This a cult, not a clique on the net.”

Besides “Chanel”, Frank Ocean collaborates with Calvin Harris in a track called “Slide” that also features Migos. “Slide” is expected to appear in Harris’ next studio installment, following a single called “My Way” which features the DJ’s vocals.


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