‘Deal or No Deal’ Returning to TV With Host Howie Mandel Album

Get ready to decide “Deal or No Deal” again — the once popular game show is making a comeback to television.

“Deal or No Deal” is getting a reboot on CNBC later this year and host Howie Mandel will return to oversee the model-held briefcases of money. The show is being “reimagined,” with new twists to “all the high energy and risk-reward that captivated audiences” on NBC from 2005 to 2009.

The game show features 26 briefcases filled with different amounts of cash, ranging from a penny to $1 million. Contestants choose a briefcase and then begins to eliminate the others. As the game goes along, the mysterious Banker offers the contestant a cash sum in exchange for the case. Thus, the contestant either makes the deal or says no deal.

“Having been in this business for 40 years, I’ve been involved in every kind of production — live, variety, drama, film and animation. Nothing changed my life, career and perception of humanity more than one project, and that was ‘Deal or No Deal,'” Mandel said in a statement. “For me, there was only one answer to that iconic question and I am proud to have said DEAL!”

“Deal or No Deal” also recently came into the spotlight because Meghan Markle, who will wed Prince Harry in May, was one of the briefcase-holding models for a time.

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