‘Baby Driver’ Star Ansel Elgort Will Drive Through the Bomb Cyclone Snowstorm for You, Baby Album

As the east coast and the northeast take a wintry pounding this week from the so-called “bomb cyclone,” one star has assured fans that he’s ready and willing to help them weather the snowstorm: “Baby Driver” actor Ansel Elgort.

The titular star of last summer’s action flick proved he’s just as nimble behind the wheel as his onscreen alter ego (in a parking lot, anyway) in a new video posted to his Twitter feed. The short clip features a grinning Elgort gunning the engine of what appears to be the same car (or a very similar one) that he drove in the breathtaking opening sequence of the Edgar Wright film.

Nyc snowstorm no worries baby will give u a ride 😎

— Ansel Elgort (@AnselElgort) January 4, 2018

In his tweet, the actor offered to help out anyone who needed some assistance traveling in the wintry weather.

“Nyc snowstorm no worries baby will give u a ride,” Elgort captioned the video, which features the star performing several stunts in a snow-covered lot.

We wouldn’t mind hopping into the actor’s cherry red Subaru WRX — provided he has some working seatbelts, of course. Those spins and skids don’t exactly look like the smoothest way to travel. At least he’s guaranteed to be blasting a killer soundtrack, though.

[via: Ansel Elgort/Twitter]

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