Angelina Jolie Bans Dad Jon Voight From Seeing Her Kids Album

The ‘Maleficent’ actress wants her estranged father to stay away from her six children amid her ongoing custody battle against Brad Pitt.

Angelina Jolie reportedly bans her estranged father Jon Voight from seeing her six children. The “Maleficent” actress apparently hasn’t forgiven her dad amid her ongoing custody battle against Brad Pitt.

“Not a week goes by that Jon doesn’t send Angie or her people a heartfelt note, but he’s been given a message to stop bugging her and get used to the fact he’s not welcome ,” an insider reveals. Angie is reportedly not the only one who’s had enough of Jon.

Her older brother James Haven “has been caught in the middle of this for years, but he’s stopped ferrying messages to Angie now on Jon’s behalf because it makes him uncomfortable,” adds the insider.

Angie and Jon have once called a truce on their rocky relationship, but she will continue to ignore his existence. “The bottom line is that Angelina just doesn’t like Jon and sees no reason why he deserves access to the kids,” the insider explains to Radar Online, “He was a horrible role model and she’ll never forgive or forget the past.”

Source: aceshowbiz.com

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