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“Lyrics.az – News | Music and Celebrity news, pictures & gossip” – a new online newspaper about music, celebrities and the world of show business. To have presented only the most recent and relevant information about the stars of music, show business and cinematography.

We have tried to select only the most truthful and verified news for you. The first to know, others do not know! Be aware of the star how to live and shine their laurels stars! Touch the unattainable!

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Becoming a reader of our newspaper, you will regularly receive the latest news releases from the world of music, show business and cinema. All our sections are equally interesting, and you can learn a lot of new.

• “Music” – New releases, hot hits, costumes and scenic images.
• “Show Business” – this section we have dedicated to celebrities of all kinds and grades.
• “Cinema” – get acquainted with the latest cinema releases and discuss those that have become classics.
• “Gossip” – the secrets behind the scenes that are so eager to know any of us, scandals and unprecedented incident.

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1. Be aware! The most recent and interesting information in each issue.
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5. Simplicity of design, in which it is impossible to get lost.

Who we are: a little bit about the authors

Do you think that for the production of e-paper, a rich news and illustrations require a staff of photographers, web designers and journalists?

In our case it is not so, but no less effective. The editors of online newspapers is quite small and consists of only two people – the chief editor and journalist. It is we who have created a project and its authors were.

Chief Editor (Fari Farkili) – the creator of the concept of interest to you, chief strategist of the project. He organizes the process to you it was easier to navigate in the space of the newspaper and receive the information.

Journalist (Anrew Radion) – engine, tactics of the project, write most relevant and interesting news. High-quality photos – also to his credit.

It is important what you think

We are always striving forward, but always take into account the opinions of their readers. If you have questions or suggestions, you can always contact us. What could be better than fresh ideas, opinions and suggestions!

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Read electronic newspaper Lyrics.az everywhere: at home, at work, in cafes, on a walk by the river, and from any device: a computer, a laptop, smartphone. We select the best and we remain always with you!

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Suite 2, Portland House, Glacis Road, Gibraltar
Suite 2, Portland House, Glacis Road, Gibraltar