Day: March 5, 2018

Oscars 2018: Guillermo del Toro Wins Best Director

Congratulations — or maybe ¡Felicitaciones! — are in order for Mexican film director, screenwriter, and producer Guillermo del Toro. He earned his first Best Director Oscar for “The Shape of Water,” which led the pack of 2018 nominees with 13 nominations. Del Toro was expected to win, after previous awards […]

Oscars 2018: Gary Oldman Wins Best Actor

If anyone deserves an Oscar it’s Gary Freakin’ Oldman. He completely transformed into Winston Churchill for “Darkest Hour,” and earned the 2018 Best Actor Academy Award for his troubles. If you can believe it, after a career of standout performances, this was only Oldman’s second ever Oscar nomination. (Jonah Hill […]

Oscars 2018: Frances McDormand Wins Best Actress

Somebody put up a “Congrats – again!” billboard. (Actually, some folks already did.) Frances McDormand — who already has an Oscar for “Fargo” — won a second one in the same Best Actress category during the 2018 Academy Awards. McDormand won for her lead role as Mildred Hayes in “Three […]