‘Westworld’ Star Jeffrey Wright Teases Bernard’s Season 2 Challenges, Conflict Album

In “Westworld” Season 1, Jeffrey Wright‘s character, Bernard, had the “robot bomb” dropped on him, as the actor puts it; Season 2 will show the fallout.

Wright discussed the hit HBO drama’s upcoming sophomore season with Deadline during SXSW, and he shed some light on his character’s journey. Needless to say, Bernard will be facing some challenges and conflict after finding out he is actually a host and then being forced to shoot himself. The turmoil has only begun for the park’s former head of programming.

After the physical trauma of Season 1, Bernard is going to be dealing with “health issues” and “cognitive challenges,” Wright said. On top of that, he’ll have to figure out the emotional side, too.

“He’s in a pretty peculiar, kind of unique position in that he’s got… allegiances to both sides,” Wright said, “and I think that’s part of the consideration for him.”

For Bernard, that in part means having an “awakening” like the other hosts. He’ll have to find an answer to the question of “Where am I in all of this?,” according to Wright. Naturally, the actor didn’t reveal what conclusions Bernard will reach, but we look forward to finding out in Season 2.

Watch the video below.

“Westworld” Season 2 kicks of April 22 on HBO.

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