Ryan Reynolds Is Getting Too Close to Sexy ‘Deadpool’ Co-Star Brianna Hildebrand Album

An insider says that ‘people can’t help noticing how much time he spends talking to her on the sidelines,’ while the husband of Blake Lively ‘insists it’s totally innocent.’

Should Blake Lively worry? Ryan Reynolds has always been a good partner to his co-stars, including “Deadpool” co-star Brianna Hildebran. But, he is reportedly getting too close with the 21-year-old actress, who plays Negasonic Teenage Warhead in the movie.

“People can’t help noticing how much time he spends talking to her on the sidelines,” an insider tells OK!. The insider continues saying that the 40-year-old hunk “insists it’s totally innocent and that he’s just invested in her career.”

“She’s very young and inexperienced, and she’s admitted to having a huge crush on Ryan before she even met him,” the insider adds. Ryan is said helping “pick her for the role in the first ‘Deadpool’ ” and is “totally blown away by her work” as they are now filming for “Deadpool 2“.

The insider goes on claiming that “The Proposal” star is “also in Brianna’s ear about moving and advancing her career.” The insider reveals, “He’s encouraged her to move to Hollywood full time,” before adding that he “has been giving her advice on building her career” as Brianna “is just starting to get more roles.”

While so far the relationship between Ryan and Brianna is all about work, the insider says that “people hope he doesn’t go too far and land in hot water with Blake.”

Source: aceshowbiz.com

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