Netflix’s ‘Alexa & Katie’ Trailer Raises the Bar for Friendship Goals Album

We’ve seen plenty of high school sitcoms over the years, but cancer is usually not part of the equation.

And yet, now it is. Netflix revealed the trailer for its upcoming teen comedy “Alexa & Katie” on Monday, and the serious illness is a key part of the plot. The series stars Paris Berelc and Isabel May as the titular characters, two young girls who are nervously embarking on their high school years. They have an added worry, though: Alexa is fighting cancer. She not only wants to survive but to avoid being known as “the sick girl.”

The trailer shows the teens’ efforts to fit in, but most of all, it highlights their special friendship. Throughout, we see the two supporting each other, whether that means shaving their heads together or eating whipped cream straight from the container.

“There are certain times in your life that you really need a friend,” Alexa says in the trailer. “But sometimes you get something even better — you get a Katie.”

Watch the heartwarming trailer below.

“Alexa & Katie” hits Netflix on March 23.

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