Matthew McConaughey Honored Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles in an Awesome Way Album

Everything really is bigger in Texas — including grand gestures.

Matthew McConaughey wanted to celebrate fellow Texan Nick Foles after his Feb. 4 Super Bowl victory, so the Oscar winner decided to do it in style. He took out a full-page ad honoring Foles in his hometown newspaper, the Austin American-Statesman. McConaughey wrote:

From one local to another,

Congratulations, Nick Foles.

just keep livin,

Mathew McConaughey

Look at this full-page ad in today’s American-Statesman from McConaughey to Nick Foles. @Eagles

— Brian Davis (@BDavisAAS) February 11, 2018

The ad came after an exciting Super Bowl that pitted backup quarterback Foles against seasoned vet Tom Brady, a man whose spot in the Hall of Fame is basically pending his retirement. Foles had stepped in to replace the Philadelphia Eagles’ starting quarterback, Carson Wentz, after he suffered a season-ending injury in Week 14. In Wentz’s absence, Foles led the team to Super Bowl LII, where he threw for 373 years, including three touchdowns. He even recorded a touchdown reception.

The newest Super Bowl MVP was happy to receive McConaughey’s congratulations. Foles replied to a tweet with a photo of the ad on Feb. 12, writing, “This is awesome. Appreciate the support, @McConaughey!

This is awesome. Appreciate the support, @McConaughey! 👊🏼

— Nick Foles (@NFoles_9) February 12, 2018

What a gesture. To quote “Friday Night Lights,” Texas forever.

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