Katy Perry Premieres ‘Swish Swish’ Lyric Video Starring Brazilian Meme Queen Gretchen Album

The hilarious clip sees the 58-year-old internet star grooving with a bunch of dancers in a dimly-lit basketball court.

Katy Perry has debuted a lyric video for her Nicki Minaj-assisted track, “Swish Swish”, and we can’t get enough of it! The visuals features Brazilian internet sensation Gretchen, who becomes a meme queen for her funny facial expression. However, Katy doesn’t make an appearance in the video.

In the clip, the 58-year-old shows off her sexy dance moves with a group of dancers. Sporting a black fitting outfit, Gretchen twerks her butt and moves her body seductively in a basketball court, which is bathed in neon lights.

Unsurprisingly, fans are going wild over the video. “I’m here for Gretchen! Who is this Katy Perry girl???? Please let me know!” a YouTube user jokingly writes below the video, while another comments, “Katy Perrys new lyric video is a meme dream!” However, a commenter is displeased with the clip, writing, “this video made me so uncomfortable. Maybe its the over tanned old lady trying too hard to be sexy.”

Gretchen was a big star in Brazil in the 1980s, selling over 15 million albums worldwide. But today, she is notoriously known for her outrageous and outspoken behavior, as well as being Latin America’s “queen of internet memes.” She has been gracing social media and fan forums with hilarious GIFs and reaction memes.


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