Gina Rodriguez Hints that ‘Jane the Virgin’ Will End After Season 5 Album

Is “Jane the Virgin” on the verge of ending? That’s what titular star Gina Rodriguez said at South by Southwest this weekend. As the Latin Lover Narrator would say: OMG!

The news isn’t official yet, but Rodriguez’s comments, made while speaking at a panel called Women to Watch, certainly indicate that the CW series will be wrapping up after next season. The actress was discussing her recent directorial debut — on an episode of “Jane” that aired during the current fourth season — and sharing what the opportunity meant to her, when she let it slip that the show may not be long for this world.

Variety reports:

After calling it “the most incredible experience,” Rodriguez noted that her episode happened to be “the highest-rated of the season” and concluded by noting that she has plans to “do more [directing] next year — in our final season.”

Rodriguez is also an executive producer of the show, so if anyone is privy to behind the scenes details about the series, it’s her. It should be noted, however, that The CW has yet to reveal whether or not “Jane” has even been renewed for a fifth season, let alone confirmed that it will be the last.

Still, Rodriguez’s star is quickly rising (she just co-starred in the buzzy sci-fi flick “Annihilation,” and had voice roles in last year’s “Ferdinand” and “The Star”), and “Jane” is certainly a jam-packed show, featuring just about every zany storyline you can think of. (Accidental artificial insemination? Check. A drug lord who wears lifelike face masks to hide her identity? Check. An evil twin, an eye patch-wearing mother, and a telenovela superstar father? Check, check, and check.) So perhaps the showrunners are simply running out of ideas — or just need a break from the show’s breakneck pace.

If the news is true, we’ll certainly be sad to see this lovely, unique series go. But it also feels fitting that Jane — both the show and the character — could soon get a much deserved happy ending.

[via: Variety]

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