‘Geostorm’ Tracking to Make Less in Opening Weekend Than It Spent on Reshoots: Report Album

Ouch. “The Snowman” may have to hold “Geostorm’s” beer when it comes to the weekend’s biggest flop.

Yeah, even “The Snowman” director is taking shots at his own film (which has a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 10 percent), but that movie only had a production budget of around $35 million, so if it fails at the box office it won’t be a huge disaster. “Geostorm,” on the other hand, has a 13 percent RT rating and cost a lot more.

Here’s a dismal assessment from The Hollywood Reporter, on how “Geostorm” is expected to perform in its North American debut:

“Marking ‘Independence Day’ producer Dean Devlin’s feature directorial debut, Geostorm is tracking to open in the $10 million to $12 million range, a dismal start for a film that cost at least $120 million to produce. The troubled production required $15 million in significant reshoots, with producer Jerry Bruckheimer brought aboard to help.

In the long-delayed disaster epic, the world’s climate change control system — a network of satellites built to prevent natural disasters and keep the human population safe — goes haywire, and a satellite engineer (Gerard Butler) must fix the problem before a worldwide geostorm is unleashed. Jim Sturgess, Ed Harris, Andy Garcia and Zazie Beetz also star.

‘Geostorm,’ which may also have a hard time topping holdover ‘Happy Death Day,’ isn’t being screened in advance for critics, nor will it hold Thursday-night previews.”

That’s … not good, but it’s also just a prediction. It could be way off. Plus, that’s just tracking the domestic box office. The real money these days is being made overseas, and it’s very possible the international reception for “Geostorm” will be much warmer.

All told, though, fans aren’t expecting much from this weekend, beyond a race to the bottom for the two big openings:

Look, everyone’s giving The Snowman one hell of a kicking right now but let’s see how shite Geostorm is before calling 2017 Worst Film, eh?

— Leonard Sultana (@lennyukdeejay) October 20, 2017

I worry that all the talk about The Snowman will overshadow Geostorm, which also looks awesomely bad.

— Grantlandish (@Grantlandish) October 20, 2017

Hearing both Geostorm and The Snowman are beyond awful. Double feature?

— (((Kyle Huckins))) (@KyleHuckins213) October 19, 2017

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