‘Fear the Walking Dead’ First Photos of Morgan Hint to Big Time Jump (and Good News?) Album

So … Morgan might survive “The Walking Dead” Season 8 after all?

It was a surprise to hear Lennie James would be leaving TWD and taking Morgan Jones to “Fear the Walking Dead.” Fans still don’t quite understand how the timelines and locations will line up, but speculation left Morgan dying at some point later in TWD Season 8 and appearing in “Fear” as a prequel. Since “Fear” started covering the beginning of this “walker” apocalypse, it made sense that Morgan’s “Fear” scenes would be flashbacks of a sort to a time before “The Walking Dead” Season 5.

But now it looks like “Fear” Season 4 might catch up to the main show’s current timeline. Because new first look “Fear” photos from Entertainment Weekly show Morgan with his fighting staff. If that is the same stick he got from Eastman in TWD Season 6, the crossover must be happening after “The Walking Dead” Season 8. Right?

Here are the photos:
Fans in the EW comments were left with a lot of questions. Here’s one fan with some potential answers, if they turn out to be correct:

Morgan has his sharped staff from Eastman, meaning that we can now basically confirm that the crossover will take place after the events of Season 8 of #TheWalkingDead. #FearTWD will presumably have a massive time jump.

— The Walking Dead World (@TWalkingDWorld) January 10, 2018

If I had to guess, Morgan will be given the “pirate Michonne” arc from the comics, allowing him to disappear for a while in #TheWalkingDead and have his story told in #FearTWD.

— The Walking Dead World (@TWalkingDWorld) January 10, 2018

This may open the door to the characters of #FearTWD eventually making their way to the Virginia area, possibly linking up with the characters of #TheWalkingDead.

— The Walking Dead World (@TWalkingDWorld) January 10, 2018

We’ll see. “The Walking Dead” Season 8 — still including Morgan — returns from winter break on Sunday, Feb. 25. “Fear the Walking Dead” Season 4 doesn’t have a premiere date yet on AMC, but it does have two new showrunners in Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg.

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