Brad Pitt’s Daughter Shiloh Is Begging to See Her Father Album

The ‘Allied’ actor hasn’t seen his daughter for 329 days and counting.

Brad Pitt‘s daughter Shiloh Jolie-Pitt wants to meet his father. Rumor has it, Brad hasn’t seen his daughter for 329 days and counting. She’s now begging her mother Angelina Jolie to have one-on-one time with her father.

Shiloh has taken her parents’ toxic divorce the hardest of all her siblings. She’s now clings to Brad in secret late-night phone calls. “Shiloh’s not the same bubbly kid she was before Brad and Angie split,” reveals a source, “She doesn’t understand why Brad can’t be there on their family trips to Disneyland .”

Shiloh has repeatedly begged Angie for sleepovers at Brad’s house.

“Brad has weekly supervised visits with all the kids, but he says he really misses his one-on-one time with Shi,” the source tells Radar Online, “Shi’s the one who really takes after Brad. She’s the most complex and sensitive. Their bond is unbreakable, but the separation is taking a toll on both of them. Shi really misses hearing Brad’s bedtime stories, and they have secret Skype calls at night.”

“She’s asked to spend nights with Brad. But so far, Angie is sticking to the court-ordered supervised group visitation, since she has official custody,” adds the source.

Source: aceshowbiz.com

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