#BlackHogwarts Is Reimagining the Harry Potter Series on Twitter Album

The Harry Potter series was perfection in a lot of way, but there are still fun ways to reimagine it.

The demographics of Hogwarts, for example, skewed pretty white, much like the United Kingdom overall. The school of witchcraft and wizardry wasn’t exactly teeming with black students, with the few memorable characters including Dean Thomas (Alfred Enoch), Angelina Johnson (Tiana Benjamin), and Lee Jordan (Luke Youngblood). With that being the case, Black Twitter is having fun imagining how Harry Potter’s alma mater would have been different if more black students had attended.

#BlackHogwarts has taken off, and participants are relishing the chance to combine their love for Harry Potter with elements of black culture. Some of the results have been particularly great, such as Snoop Dogg being suggested as a replacement for Herbology Professor Pomona Sprout and “That’s So Raven” alum Raven-Symoné for Divination Professor Sybil Trewaney. See some other highlights below.

Professor Snoop, Herbology #BlackHogwarts

— Kiki Roché (@OnionsAndWine) January 11, 2018

Dueling classes looking alot like this…#BlackHogwarts

— The Weekdae. (@TChalla_Fett) January 11, 2018

The portraits in Hogwarts be like #BlackHogwarts

— Brianna E. Tyson (@PUSHABRI) January 11, 2018

Minerva McGonagall #BlackHogwarts

— Tasha W (@lovinlife2617) January 11, 2018

When you get sorted into gryffindor #BlackHogwarts

— STARLORD (@spaceghostvil) January 11, 2018


Pouring some out for Cedrick Diggory

— Iheartgraff (@IheartgrafDrew) January 11, 2018

Dolores Umbridge #BlackHogwarts

— King in the North (@DreadzNFreckles) January 11, 2018

When The divination teacher is Raven Baxter #BlackHogwarts

— Matthew L. Jenkins (@OWbert_Ein5tein) January 11, 2018

We made sure Dumbledore went out in style #BlackHogwarts

— 👸🏾🍫❤️ (@SierraDenae_) January 11, 2018

Me after stealing potions for my DIY deep treatment masks from Professor Slughorn class #BlackHogwarts

— Drea (@go_gina_go_gina) January 11, 2018

The halftime shows at the quidditch matches be too lit #BlackHogwarts

— AshanteNicoleStyle (@ANSTYLEdotCOM) January 11, 2018

When your mama sends you a howler : #BlackHogwarts

— BMKM (@Habiba__Ogah) January 11, 2018

EXPECTO PATRONUS!!! #BlackHogwarts

— Chuck Knorrox (@_fundimental) January 11, 2018

When you get caught mixing Potions at the Qudditch Cup #blackhogwarts

— Emile Chang Jr. (@Emile_Chang_Jr) January 11, 2018

Me: “I thought this was Defense Against The Dark Arts..”

Prof. Prince: Throwing shade IS the Dark Art#BlackHogwarts

— NThenTheresThisAsshole… (@RaizenMSU) January 11, 2018

The original Hogwarts was amazing, and so is Black Hogwarts.

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