After ‘Black Mirror’ Season 4, Fans Really Need Self-Driving Pizza Trucks to Happen Album

Technology in “Black Mirror” is often bad, but this one is just delicious.


Sure, the self-driving pizza delivery truck in Season 4, Episode 3, “Crocodile,” did hit someone. But that wasn’t the pizza van’s fault. And it was hardly the worst thing to happen in that episode. Not even close. Not even, like, fifth.

Fans decided it was the kind of technological breakthrough they could get behind, especially since they wouldn’t have to do much more than get behind or at least beside it to get a pizza:

Pizza bus in black mirror is the hero we need but don’t deserve #Crocodile #blackmirror #pizzabusforpresident

— Olivia Snyder (@snyderolivia) December 30, 2017

So far the best technological advancement in #BlackMirror is the pizza van in S4E3. I want a pizza van.

— moe 🌈 (@moe_leever) January 1, 2018

I know this is a show that’s all ‘future technology scary bad’ but the pizza truck in CROCODILE needs to be a thing that exists now. #blackmirror

— daenela 🌵 (@daenela) December 31, 2017

I just feel like the whole point of ordering in is so that you dont have to leave the house tho, and this would require you to actually go outside *shudder*

— no freedom (@hailu_tinbite) January 1, 2018

Watching Crocodile and so far the only thing that grabbed me is the pizza delivery machine.
I want a pizza delivery machine.
Do these pizza delivery machines actually exist?
Where can you get one?
If not, who’s in charge of creating one?#BlackMirror

— Kirke du Soleil ☀️ (@kirkenovak) January 3, 2018

Coming in just under the wire, the best character of 2017 is: pizza van. #blackmirror

— step (@stepliana) December 30, 2017

What company is going to be first to launch that robot pizza delivery truck from Black Mirror? 🤔#pizza #netflix #BlackMirror #future #Robots

— Jeff Bartell (@thejeffbartell) January 2, 2018

that automated pizza truck in Crocodile is the most exciting technology of the season. @charltonbrooker @blackmirror #blackmirror

— Eyezofnight (@eyezofnight) December 31, 2017

Can’t wait for the buddy cop movie with the automated pizza truck and the guinea pig #Crocodile #BlackMirror

— blank (@flarakoo) December 30, 2017

It may be a job killer but I’m all for these self driving pizza delivery vehicles in s4e3 of #blackmirror

— The_MDA (@The_MDA) January 4, 2018

They may not be job killers, though, because some of us will still want a human — or robot, whatever — to come to the door with our pizza.

Show creator/episode writer Charlie Brooker talked to Entertainment Weekly about the pizza van, pointing out that the same company offers pizza delivery in the first episode of Season 4, “U.S.S. Callister”:

EW: As an American, I have to say the automated pizza truck is the best Black Mirror innovation ever.
Charlie Brooker: I like to think that it must make your pizza in the truck.

EW: That’s what I was assuming. It’s like a traditional food truck, except fully automated. And I love that even your pizza truck isn’t entirely benign technology — it still manages to take out a pedestrian here and there.
Charlie Brooker: Yeah. You order the pizza using an app, and it comes and finds you like an Uber. There was another sequence with the truck in it — it’s the same pizza company that comes and delivers a pizza in “U.S.S. Callister,” if you’re eagle-eyed. Because once we’ve named a company it’s easier to just re-use it. We had lots of debates about the design and look of that truck, but I think they did a really good job creating it.

“Black Mirror” Season 4 is now streaming on Netflix. Go back and rewatch both episodes, and encourage some real-world company to develop an automated pizza truck.

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