Day: October 13, 2017

First ‘New Mutants’ Trailer Mashes X-Men With Horror Movies

The “X-Men” franchise is going to scary new places. Fox released the first trailer for “The New Mutants,” the next installment of their successful “X-Men” franchise. Like “Logan” and “Deadpool” before it, “New Mutants” is a very different kind of “X-Men” movie. While “Logan” was a brooding Western and “Deadpool” […]

Quentin Tarantino Finally Responds to Friend Harvey Weinstein’s Sex Scandal

Director Quentin Tarantino has finally broken his silence on the sexual harassment allegations leveled against friend and producer Harvey Weinstein. The two have worked together for decades, with Weinstein first distributing Tarantino’s 1992 film “Reservoir Dogs.” Since then, Weinstein has produced all of the director’s films, from 1994’s “Pulp Fiction” […]

Channing Tatum’s ‘Gambit’ Gets 2019 Release Date

After multiple delays, Channing Tatum‘s “Gambit,” finally has a release date: The X-Men standalone film will be out February 14, 2019, Deadline reports. A Valentine Day’s-adjacent release date worked out pretty well for “Deadpool,” which opened in 2016 on February 12: It grossed more than $132 million in its opening […]

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 14: Amelia’s Brain Tumor Reveal ‘Actually Felt Pretty Good,’ Says Caterina Scorsone

Well, Caterina Scorsone is officially really good at finding silver linings. The “Grey’s Anatomy” star’s character, Amelia Shepherd, got some bad medical news during the Season 14 premiere, and Scorsone took it really well. In fact, the actress’s reaction was the opposite of what we’d have expected. Discussing Amelia’s brain […]